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    We are on a mission to help 10,000 health and fitness professionals to escape crazy gym rents and empower clients all over the world by taking their businesses online.

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Build a online professional presence
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Hopefully, you’re here because you are an aspiring Personal Trainer, Influencer or Lifestyle blogger and you are ready to build a platform to share your knowledge and experience with the world.

Our mission to empower Health and Fitness professionals who want to help the world, feel and look their best, but, are having a little trouble know and where to get started. We have created this website to share tried and tested processes which we have built while running client projects at the Armoury Digital.

Our goal with this site is to help you get more clients and supplement your income with digital sales. Learning how to market online can easily make you an extra $1,000 a month and once you know how it works you can keep scaling until you reach your goals.

No matter where you are starting from; on a tight budget? Struggled to get more than a couple hundred followers? No idea about the right tools and strategies that all the career bloggers use? – no problem, we are here to help…

…build a business around your passion…

Personal Trainers

Get a consistent flow of reliable, premium clients in or outside of the gym


Turn your followers into healthy clients and customers

Class Instructors

Keep your classes full with little or no marketing budget

Lifestyle Bloggers

Create a professional presence online and rapidly build your community

…take control of your future…

Avoid high gym rents. Make money while you sleep. Help people around the world achieve their goals.

…with specific, actionable advice…

Rather than sharing general vague advice, we provide step by step tutorials specifically for health and fitness professionals’ business goals
Learn on the go or in the gym

Our guides have been designed to be quick, accessible. You can download them instantly and read them on your mobile or tablet to get familiar with the concepts, then action them when you have the time.

Easy to understand

You can’t make use of what you can’t understand so each guide is written in simple english, with images and a step-by-step process to follow, so you know what to do at each step.


If you can’t do anything with information, it is as good as useless, so each guide has been created to walk you though or empower when taking the next steps along your journey.

Tried and tested

Rather than giving you a brief overview in a blog post, each guide covers the processes we use at Armoury Digital to build and maintain client projects. You get the best of what we’ve learnt so you can implement it.


We link to some of the best tools and resources across the internet so you don’t have to waste time trying different platforms, you can confidently know you are working with the best.

Tools and resources

To ensure that all the information is useful and that you can benefit from it, we speak to bloggers, supporting businesses and add digital marketing best practices so you can be confident in getting results.

Join more than 5,800 health and fitness professionals who have already invested in taking their business online

  • “I’ve used Fitness Marketing Kits to build my followers on Instagram to just under 30,000 followers. Now I sell plans online and can make money while I travel. These guides have changed my life.”
    Casey, Personal Trainer @casey_trainer
  • “Thank youuuuu soooo much, Thank youuu Thank youuu for sharing your tips with us, they have helped us get more than 4,000 followers in 4 weeks. We didn’t have an account before your guide!”
    Allen Murego, The Vegan Option @the.vegan.option
  • "Due to ever increasing gym rents, I decided to go freelance. Without a professional website and knowing how to use email marketing, I would have struggled to build a business in such a competitive space."
    Kazeem Olayinka, Personal Trainer
  • “Keeping classes full is a key part of my role as a Yoga Instructor knowing how to tap into local searches online makes building our studio much easier than hoping people don’t throw flyers away.”
    Erin Richardson, Yoga Teacher
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