Followers Into Customers

Turn your followers into customers by discovering all of the authentic ways to make money as a social media influencer

Once you have started to build your community on Instagram or drive traffic to your blog using our guides, we know what your next question is going to be –

“How can I make money from this?”

We know this because hundreds of our readers have emailed in this question in already. This is an obvious question to ask once you start to see you are getting hundreds of followers a week.

This is exactly why we have created an additional guide: “Followers into Customers: 50+ ways to make authentic sales online”, so you can make the best decision for you, when turning your blog or Instagram account into a business.

Becoming your own boss by turning your Instagram account and Your blog into a business can give you the freedom to focus on creating your passion and content…

Whether you want to travel the world creating aspirational posts, with full confidence knowing that you can earn money from anywhere in the world. Or, if you are just getting started and would like a little extra money to put towards equipment and products that your followers expect you to be able to review, this guide will prove to be invaluable.

Having worked with bloggers and spoken to more than 1,000, we have been able to gain a great insight into all of the options available to anyone looking to build their business both online and offline, from a blog or social media accounts.

We also, know it can be really tricky understand what option would make sense for you. Which is why we have put this second guide together in a specific way.

This guide walks you through 53 options which we have seen bloggers and social media influencers use to build considerable incomes (many of the bloggers we spoke to make more than $100,000 a year while travelling or their bedroom).

You are about to discover…

50+ Options

50+ options available to you so you can make money in a way that suits you and your community

Work from anywhere

Build a business from your bedroom, a coffee shop or while travelling

Comprensive & Simple

Discover all of the options that work to know which one is right for your lifestyle

Make the right choice

Understand pro’s and con’s of each option to pick the right one for you and your community

Reduce Risks

Have all the information ready for you to continue to build multiple streams of income

Live well

Focus on building a lifestyle you are happy with, not bills and rent

Is this guide for you?

If you have ever asked any of the following questions, this guide was made for you…

  • How can I make money while I sleep?
  • How can I travel the world but maintain my income?
  • How can I work with large brands when I don’t have contacts?
  • Is it possible to turn my followers into customers?
  • What if I don’t have a job so can’t invest any money?

Most people know of a few options. For example, some want to open shops, others want to do sponsored reviews or be paid to attend events BUT, they don’t know all of the options. How to get started, and most importantly – what option might be best for them. To make the most of this opportunity, you need to make an informed decision based on what is best for you…


Learn how to do the right thing for you and your community

  • “I’ve used Fitness Marketing Kits to build my followers on Instagram to just under 30,000 followers. Now I sell plans online and can make money while I travel. These guides have changed my life.”

    Casey, Personal Trainer @casey_trainer
  • “Thank youuuuu soooo much, Thank youuu Thank youuu for sharing your tips with us, they have helped us get more than 4,000 followers in 4 weeks. We didn’t have an account before your guide!”

    Allen Murego, The Vegan Option @the.vegan.option
  • “Due to ever increasing gym rents, I decided to go freelance. Without a professional website and knowing how to use email marketing, I would have struggled to build a business in such a competitive space.”

    Kazeem Olayinka, Personal Trainer
  • “Keeping classes full is a key part of my role as a Yoga Instructor knowing how to tap into local searches online makes building our studio much easier than hoping people don’t throw flyers away.”

    Erin Richardson, Yoga Teacher

Get your copy and start building your professional blogging career today!

  • Star rating to clearly indicate the level of difficulty
  • Annotated pictures to show you how things work
  • Clear, actionable, step by step instructions for beginners
  • Links to more than 20 valuable resources
  • Examples of top bloggers and large brands

…all in PDF format for you to download and start using, on your laptop, tablet or phone, right now!

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